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48-06 Skillman Avenue

Sunnyside, NY 11104

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48-06 Skillman Avenue
Sunnyside, NY 11104
Phone 7186511364




less than $30

Marigod walls, Goldenrod tablecloths, egg yolks spilling into moist corn-colored mamaliga: Yellow, yellow, yellow, at Acasa in Sunnyside, Queens.Acasa is a new Romanian place on a stretch of Skillman Avenue that's not poor in the Romanian department. The dining room is dominated by a massive photo mural that struck me as being sci-fi: a solar eclipse in a red sky on one end; a rocky, Martian outcropping on the other. That's what too much goulash will get you into, I thought.Wrong, I was. Marian Golea, The restaurant's effusive owner, explained that it was a photograph of the Romanian Sphinx, a rocky outcropping on the Bucegi Platform, taken during a total solar eclipse. As soon as Mr. Golea suggested it, the rock looked exactly like the profile of it's more recently constructed and more internationally famous Egyptian brother. Who knew you could argue that the Great Sphinx of Giza was a knockoff? You learn something new every night this town.One evening I learned that desserts at Acasa are very very good, particularly papanasi cusmantana ($4), which the menu translates as "Fried Cheese Donuts with sweet vanilla creamy sauce." I offer this nugget of discovery up front because anyone who does not budget his appetite will not have room for this.For something a little less filling, go for the clatite cu gem ($4), crepes stuffed with jam. A friend of mine with romanian grandmother did., and devoured them, evoking her good name and good cooking.He did the same with an order of red peppers stuffed with meat and rice. Mr. Golea linked the goulash and the mushroom stew with white sauce to Transylvania, the region of Romanian from which he hails. After moving to the United States, he spent 15 years working at different jobs - much of the time as a mechanical engineer at Kennedy Airport - before opening Acasa, his first restaurant.

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