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Anvil Inn

29 East Jackson

Cicero, IN 46034

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Anvil Inn

29 East Jackson
Cicero, IN 46034
Phone 3179844533




$30 - $50

Welcome to the Anvil inn, where you enter the door a customer; yet leave a member of the family.For centuries, cultures have defined themselves by the food they eat and the stories they tell as they share a meal together. This "mucho gusto" approach to life - and the importance that sharing good food brings to it - was one of the first bits of common ground we found in each other, and it has shaped our lives for over a decade together.

Many of our recipes have been handed down for generations in our families. Others we have developed together, often with inspiration found in our travels, in cool summer morning visits to local farmers markets, or even late evening wine-inspired discussions with friends. It never ceases to amaze us how clearly (and for how long!) a treasured memory of a magnificent food experience stays with you.

We seek to present our guests, in our restaurant as in our home, with unpretentious, authentic, dishes. We take pride in handcrafting the components of our dishes, from the finest ingredients we can find. A popular approach in restaurants today is to feature local, seasonal ingredients. Don't get us wrong - we like to do that too - but we find great value in a fine dining experience that lets you enjoy fresh ingredients and authentic preparation from other places as well.

You won't find too many things "going on" in our food, nor countless layers of multiple, competing ingredients. We enjoy food that is uncomplicated and accessible. We like to let the quality and simplicity of our food speak for itself, the way generations of families have. The food tells a story...Of the origins of the recipe, of the bounty of the harvest. We so rarely take the time to stop and enjoy and listen, to linger with family and friends around the table, to celebrate the simple things and times that can make life so beautiful.

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