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San Jose, California

casual diner (based on 2 reviews)

Member since: Jan 03 2008

Relationship status: Single

Occupation: Student

About kristineb
I'm 21 and a student at UC Berkeley. I believe that there is a stark difference between eating to live and living to eat. I love to travel and taste new foods; be it a signature dish or something completely innovative and new. Other than that, I am an Aries and I believe that speaks volumes. I am fearless and confident when it comes to food and enjoy others who are the same.



Brookline, Massachusetts

casual diner (based on 32 reviews)

Member since: Dec 02 2007


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The Dead Fish East Bay, California
Good, but the concept is a bit disjointed Jan 11 2008, 20:14
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The Dead Fish sits directly across from the Carquinez Bridge. The location should be a vantage point, however when entering the restaurant you do not get the standard fanfare that you would expect from a pricy seafood restaurant. The decor is unique and varies from a room looking like "'Arabian nights" to another room that has nets and other fishing gear strewn across. I'm sure that there was some method to their madness but then again the name "Dead Fish" is a bit odd to begin with. The food was savory and I enjoyed it very much. We ordered the mussel skillet and the full order of the "Killer Crab" (Dungeness) that was roasted in a garlic sauce. VERY yummy, the sauce made the meat tender and flavorful without being overpowering. The mussels were almost unrecognizable - the texture was soft and ery and I relished every bite. Besides seafood they also had burgers and prime rib. I was only a bit bothered by the prices, which were steep - $7 for a side of mashed potatoes or fries, etc. But other than that I would eat here again.

The Spinnaker - Sausalito Marin, California
a nice recluse in sausalito Jan 11 2008, 19:54
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Selecting a restaurant in Sausalito can be a bit daunting. This picturesque town boasts several dining options but for a first timer it may be difficult - many restaurants may look golden on the outside but without a referral it is hard to pinpoint one that is a guaranteed hit. The Spinnaker, however, has proven to me on many occasions that it knows how to settle the score. It is tucked away and may be a bit tough to find but its location is supreme - it sits right on the bay and is lined by huge windows all around, leading to spectacular views and a unique dining experience. The food is fresh and tasty, with a reasonable price. It's primarily a seafood restaurant, but they have a couple steaks as well. The last time I was there I had the grilled swordfish and it literally melted in my mouth. I would recommend this dish, as well as the Mahi-Mahi with Brie cheese. Both are to die for! The servers were polite and punctual with the courses and I never felt that they were rushed. If you're looking for a memorable restaurant, I would definitely suggest you check it out.

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