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Brookline, Massachusetts

casual diner (based on 32 reviews)

Member since: Dec 02 2007

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Occupation: Owner, Interactive Agency

About foodie123
I am a Boston based interactive marketing executive (and food critic) and love to try all types of restaurants.




Restaurant Location Rating
Oishii Boston Boston, Massachusetts Star
Pomodoro Boston, Massachusetts Star

Brookline, Massachusetts

casual diner (based on 21 reviews)

Member since: Dec 09 2007


Millbury, Massachusetts

casual diner (based on 1 review)

Member since: Dec 10 2007


New York, New York

casual diner (based on 1 review)

Member since: Dec 23 2007


San Jose, California

casual diner (based on 2 reviews)

Member since: Jan 03 2008


Boston, Massachusetts

casual diner (based on 32 reviews)

Member since: Dec 10 2007


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B&G Oysters Boston, Massachusetts
Oysters OK but not great... Sep 13 2008, 10:08
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I ate here last night. While I enjoyed the food, I would expect the oysters to be better than they were given that this is supposedly THE place if you want oysters in downtown Boston. I will definitely try it again but may hit up other entrees.

Atlantic Fish Boston, Massachusetts
OK seafood...I prefer Legal Seafood Jun 26 2008, 07:52
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Last time I went here, my salmon came out slightly cold and the quality of our oysters were pretty low. Having said that, I had many splendid dining experiences there previously. I'm the type of critic that judges each restaurant based on my last meal - as that exemplifies the current state of the kitchen. Based on that, I would recommend Legal Seafood over Atlantic Fish. Perhaps they will prove me wrong in the future but for now my expectations are lower.

Devi Manhattan, New York
Good/Great Indian Food Jun 22 2008, 18:48
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I went to Devi for a party this weekend and found that the food was good to great, but did not match the high expectations that one would expect after finding out it is the only 1 star Michelin rated Indian restaurant in NY. The lamb and chicken were both amazing and the bar did a great job with interesting drinks - I had a "Ginger Collins". It tasted great but was a little heavy on the ginger at times. Now to the bad. The air conditioning was broken and we had 80 people in a small space wearing suits, etc. Not fun! Also, some of the other diners found their food to be a little cold. Having said that, I would give them another try in a non party setting to see if a regular dinner would live up to expectations. I may call first to make sure the air conditioning was working!

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