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San Diego , California

casual diner (based on 2 reviews)

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About TheFoodDude
I'm currently a college student just trying to develop the world's most diverse pallet.



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Subway Restaurant , New York
Economics Meet Great Taste Mar 30 2009, 22:46
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In these economic times sometimes we need to think about the different levels of what I consider "Quality Food". For instance, I'm not obsessed with fast food but when certain chains come out with a limited time burger, if the moods strikes I'll take advantage. Lately my goal has been to search for the most affordable food to acquire under the shortest time. Without admitting I want great tasting fast food, I found Subway to be an extremely pleasant surprise. Having been a fan of family owned sandwich shops as well as Submarina and Togo's, only until the recent advertisements have I actually opted to go to Subway.

Being spectacle about the whole "Five Dollar" marketing I anticipated speding seven or eight dollars after taxes and finding out that one of the toppings is under economic demand and will cost extra, like the guacamole from Chipotle. So, I'm in Subway and I have no clue what I want but I know what I'm used to ordering and don't know whether I should do that or order something random. Because of my indecision I decided to go with the most basic yet so congenial sandwich: The BLT.

First I had to order the bread, I immediately chose the Italian Herbs and Spices bread. Second I said I'll like that as a BLT, which then led to what kind of cheese would I desire on it. At first I said I wanted swiss but it was too late to say pepper-jack but I said it anyway so they put that on extra. The next step I was asked if I wanted it toasted, which normally I'm apathetic towards but I wanted the cheese be melted so I said yes. After the toasting they applied the bacon, lettuce, and tomato, of course, then asked if I wanted any other toppings or sauces. Topping I didn't want but I thought it would be perfect for a unique sauce. I asked for a drizzle of southwestern chipotle sauce and a drizzle of southwestern ranch. Once the sub was closed the mixture of the heat from the cheese and the sauce combination created a zesty taste that kept the bites coming.

Originally I wanted to eat half the sub then head back to the campus and workout, saving the second half for dinner time but because the sub was so good, I couldn't resist. So, if you enjoy the baconey, lettucey, and tomatoey of a BLT, next time you want an economically sound meal and overall great taste, go to Subway and do what I did. If you don't enjoy it, it's five dollars lost, but if you do, enjoy your meal.

Sushi Rock Cleveland, Ohio
A Fresh Approach to Raw Fish Mar 29 2009, 23:17
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Stranded in Cleveland, Ohio you may find yourself attracted to the city’s view of Lake Erie, the architecturally unique Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and some historical streets that give the city its Midwest character. Little did I know, this city also is home to some of the best sushi I’ve ever had. Sushi Rock, located in the heart of the warehouse district of Cleveland’s west side, this modern sushi establishment is truly an oasis for any nomad or local to enjoy a superb sushi meal hundreds of miles from an ocean.

Having grown up in San Diego, CA, the Pacific Ocean has provided me with plenty of raw fish served to me by an intoxicated Japanese gentleman. In addition having ventured to Kauai and New York City, I’ve had my share of great and not so great sushi; but Sushi Rock was a definite surprise. Having gone about a year hearing how great this place was and denying that no place in Ohio has as quality sushi as “back home” I was skeptical to go. The instant I walked in, I was under a sushi spell. With two stories and an incredibly high ceiling, a Warhol-esque picture of a Manhattan skyscraper was the cherry on top of some interior designer’s masterpiece. In my group of four we were directed to our table, which consisted of two small tables put together and a bench that stretched across the entire left wall of the dining room. After being served our waters and described the appetizers the waiter recommended, I made an executive decision to order the calamari, which is a personal favorite of mine. When the calamari arrived I knew right away that Sushi Rock knew what they were doing. Anyone who’s been around me long enough to know how sensitive my pallet is knows that I take calamari very seriously and when taking my first bite into their calamari, I was introduced to a flavor of this squid that I had never had before. Served in a risen, wooden bowl, upon a large white plate with sauce garnished along the rim, the calamari was definitely a great first item to use my chopsticks on. With a honey-like glaze, the calamari was a perfect appetizer and definitely left room in my stomach for the much-awaited sushi. After enjoying the calamari I decided to pick up the menu and see if they offered similar sushi that I was accustomed to.

The menu offers a variety of rolls whether you’ve had sushi all your life or it’s prom night and it’s your first time. Sushi Rock’s menu has one section that stood out to me: the Sushi Rock Big Rolls, which consist of a generous eight full pieces. One roll that I’ve ordered every time I’ve gone and a favorite of my usual group is the Crazy Roll. Crazy consists of unagi, avocado, masaga, with a little cream cheese, all deep-fried. Having grown up with avocados being handed to me by the avocado tree in my back yard, I very much fancy the unprecedented taste of avocado. With that said, I am not a fan of cream cheese, but with the powerful taste of the unagi and masaga, the Crazy Roll is nothing shy of perfect. Sushi Rock offers a vast array of sushi and I’ve tried so many it’s hard to identify them but the only roll I haven’t agreed with was the Spider Roll, which contains soft shell crab, crabstick, cucumber, and broccoli, with a spicy mayo sauce. The only issue we had with that was the texture the broccoli provided; but if one takes the broccoli out, the roll isn’t half bad.

One part of a meal I almost never have time for is dessert, especially after eating a decent amount of sushi. What’s awesome about Sushi Rock is because they want to provide their patrons with a live-fast city style atmosphere and not just a sushi bar, is they have an array of desserts whether it be the traditional Japanese Ice Cream or even a crème brûlée, which I decided to order. After putting my spoon through the top of this perfectly designed masterpiece of a dessert, I couldn’t leave the restaurant without finishing the entire item.

Sushi Rock is not only a great place for sushi but also it’s a great place for a guaranteed amazing time whether you’re with friends or with a business client. I never knew that the city that brought us Rock and Roll and a politically incorrect baseball team could dish out some of the best sushi I’ve ever had. Call me crazy but if you ever find yourself in Cleveland, Ohio, do what I did: order the Crazy Roll and don’t be surprised when your pallet sends you a Thank You card.

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