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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

casual diner (based on 2 reviews)

Member since: Feb 14 2008

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Occupation: Commercial Real Estate Investor

About PDUB1
I have a been a "foodie" all my life. I have always enjoyed fine dining and fine foods and wines. I've been lucky enough to have lived in some of the world's greatest cities that offer the best food there is. I have come to understand the difference between a good meal and a really "GREAT" meal and all the variances on either side of those benchmarks. I work hard, I play hard and my friends and I believe that there is almost nothing better in life than sharing a beautiful meal with friends and family and experiencing a gastronomical event together. :-)


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Patina Hollywood/Downtown, California Star

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Patina Hollywood/Downtown, California
Patina is the Gold Standard for All Foodies everywhere Feb 14 2008, 16:59
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I can't say enough good things about Patina. It simply has the best food and the best service of any restaurant I have had the pleasure of eating in the world. Joachim has outdone himself. Now I will say, although the new location at Disney Hall is gorgeous, in my heart of hearts I still have a soft place for the original location on Melrose. I can't still remember the first time I ever ate there back in the early 90's. The "Santa Barbara Shrimp" is still one of the most memorable dishes I've ever had. In any event, all I can say, is if you have the chance, please do not miss a meal at Patina. This is how service and food should be done. Period. I give a 5 our of 5 score. (I'd actually give them a 6 if there was an Excellent + on this site!)

Opus Prime Steakhouse Oklahoma, Oklahoma
Opus needs some lessons on service and quality Feb 14 2008, 16:50
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First of the the restaurant has been beautifully done and is a large, open space that is very relaxing. The decor is very amenable to fine dining and you'd get the idea that the food and service would try to match the quality of the decor. But sadly, it doesn't. My party had the "Fried asparagus with ranch dressing" as an appetizer. This appetizer wasn't too bad just not very flavorful. Asparagus just doesn't seem to lend itself to breading and frying. The breading kind of over-powered the asparagus and it just didn't impart much flavor. For salads, we had the chopped salad. Apparently the chef doesn't know the meaning of the word "chopped." The salad had a nice flavors--mixed greens with blue cheese crumbles with blue cheese dressing. (We chose the dressing we liked.) But on one plate of salad, there were 2 VERY small roma-type tomatoes that were so sad looking compared to this giant heap of greens. And most importantly, I wouldn't say "Chopped" would describe the consistency at all. Maybe "cut up" might be more descriptive. In any event, I would refer the chef to MORTON'S STEAKHOUSE, who, in my humble opinion, sets the gold standard on "CHOPPED" salad. EVery ingredient is chopped up into a very small size and each ingredient is chopped down to the same size. That would be the better way to do it so as to get the better mix of flavors. Unfortunately, as we were enjoying this salad as best we could, a small black gnat-like bug crawled out of the salad greens. Naturally we reported this to our server who didn't seem to care one whit about the fact that we had a bug in our salad. In fact, even the owner didn't come to talk with us about the incident until after the dinner was over and we were ready to leave. But let me get back to the entree. We chose to split the filet mignon and lobster tail. First of all, I SPECIFICALLY asked the server the serving sizes of each meat and was told they were both 8 ounces. When the plate came out, AT BEST, the filet mignon was 4 ounces and the lobster tail maybe 6 ounces. So we were disappointed with the portion sizes although I will say the steak had a marvelous flavor and was cooked well and the lobster was also very fresh-tasting although I'm sure it was flash-frozen and shipped in to Oklahoma. Then to the biggest disappointment of the night.......... (yes, even more disappointing than the bug in the salad.).......the Lyonnaise Potatoes. As I'm sure most people know, Lyonnaise Potatoes (Traditional L.P.) are basically fried potatoes with some onion and seasonings. Now it's a bit more involved than that---but that's the gist of what the dish is. But here at Opus, they came out and really their spin on the dish is the potato with some white sauce made with a gruyere-type cheese and onions. DREADFUL! We couldn't even eat more than the first bite. The potatoes were flavorless, bland, boring, uninspired---and for those of us who know what Lyonnaise potatoes are---- a big disappointment. And to add insult to injury, we asked the server if the dish was "Traditional" Lyonnaise potatoes and we were told they were---- just like we were told the filet was 8 ounces. Yeah, right. In their defense, the owner/manager did come out and apologize for our experience and his server. He is a fine gentleman who really cares about his establishment and really was surprised we had some issues. He explained his server was relatively new and perhaps needed some additional training. Well, I'll give him that--- we all know that there are vastly different levels of service in the world. But as Opus is marketed as a very upscale restaurant and, I might add, VERY upscale prices (The Filet/lobster combo entree alone was $80!!--again for a 4 ounce filet and 6 ounce tail) and you would not expect they would have a server on the floor that would be what you'd expect at Red Lobster. Well, even at Red Lobster I think they know their menu items AND be more concerned when a bug is found in the food. All in all, I think the restaurant was vastly disappointing. As compared to Oklahoma City restaurants, they certainly are no Mahogany or Charlie Newton's. But then again they are a new establishment and maybe they still haven't gotten the "BUGS" worked out yet! I give it a score of 2 out of 5.

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