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Miami, Florida

casual diner (0 reviews)

Member since: Mar 06 2008

Relationship status: Married

Occupation: Executive

About Mike
I love to eat and enjoy a good meal. I recently bacame the owner of THE FAMOUS PIT BAR B Q in Miami Florida and because of my good taste in food, I have up grade it the quality of the meats, to leaner, NO FAT at all on our ribs, they are slowly cooked in our smoker, with BLACK JACK OAK and finished on top of our grill. I want our customers to continue having a traditional AMERICAN BBQ and the only way to have this in GRILLED WITH WOOD. I will never give my customers something that I will not have myself. We cook daily and rather run out of food than serve old food the following day. Our staff is given everything that is left and I appologize to our customers when they arrive at our restaurant late at night and we have NO RIBS or CHICKEN, but for us I rather serve a fresh meal than re-heat an old meal and like me there are many! I have had a property in the Florida Keys for 20 years and seafood is one of my favorite foods, and as you know everything in the keys is fresh from the local fisherman so it is hard for me to eat fish in a RED LOBSTER or any other restaurant that uses frozen food. I hope that anyone that visits my place will give me their opinion and critics to be able to offer my customers quality food!