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Alexandria, Virginia

casual diner (0 reviews)

Member since: Apr 23 2008

Occupation: CEO

About Kim
I am very open to new experiences. I have a passion for travel and l am fascinated in learning about other cultures. I alo have a passion for the arts. My favorite museum is the El Prado museum in Madrid. I graduated from high school when I was 15 years old, I was fortunate in the fact that I had plenty of time to pursue my interests in international relations, law, and medicine. I value my formal education, but I feel that I have gained more knowlege through my experiences and exposure to other cultures and I am greatful that I have a close relationship with my family. Well, since this is a food critic site I should at least volunteer some information regarding my favorite types of cuisine! I love French (contemporary and traditional) food, Italian, Peruvian, Spanish and especially all types of food from the middle east. I also enjoy greek food. The only types of food that I can not tolerate are various dishes that are prepared with black pepper or walnuts, and that is only because I am allergic to pepper and wanuts! My reason for joining this site is because dispite the fact that there are countless numbers of restaurants that claim to serve "authentic" lebanese, greek, japanese and numerous other types of food and I end up spending my time and money on poor service, "americanized" versions of various ethnic foods. For example, when I go to a spanish restaurant I expect to have authentic spanish food. Instead I end up looking at the menu and I see central american or your typical mexican food and when I do see an item that strikes my interest it ends up being prepared the wrong way. I do not have a great deal of free time, so I only have a chance to go out to dinner with family or friends once in awhile. I alo have to take clients out to lunch and when I do I want to make sure that I am taking them to a top rated restaurant. Well that is more information than I intended to give about myself! I am interested in hearing your opnions on restaurants in the DC, Old Town Alexandria, and surrounding areas.