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Austin, Texas

casual diner (based on 1 review)

Member since: Oct 20 2009

Relationship status: Married

Occupation: food critic

About Grandmaster
I am your consumate critic, I taste the coffe, the meats, beans, grains salads, etcetera etcetera, my pet pib how ever is cofee, if cofee is not good that takes away a whole lot, unless I am not tasting the cofee that day, I HOW EVER WILL BE FAIR ALLWAYS.



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Olmeca's Restaurant , Texas
Olmeca's on Altorf Jun 30 2012, 11:16
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The folks at Olmeca\'s Restaurantare friendly and professional and will ensure that your dining experiences a pleasant one. great food freshly made, I had an excellent experience , coffee however I found it to be common and quite plain no special taste of aroma they could use upping the level of coffee quality. I would repeat my visit
I would like to add that my personal pet pib is Cofee and it is believe that a great Cofee can make a restaurant while a lousy Coffe can bring the restaurant down.

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