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Albuqueruqe, New Mexico

casual diner (0 reviews)

Member since: Jan 19 2008

Relationship status: In a Relationship

Occupation: Professional restuarantuer

About Danielle
I am a local realtor, Although I tend to travel more than anything else! Love to experience new exciting things in many different places! I suppose that goes hand in hand with expeiencing many different types of cuisine from many regions, luckily I'm the adventurous type and this works for me! Although there is alot to be said for a home cooked meal, the excitement of trying new and undiscovered restaurants is always a thrill! Fellow critics I'm sure can relate!I couldn't check the favorite cuisine box at this time, there is just too many delectable dishes from so many etnicities and regions to narrow that one! I am of Puerto Rican/Mexican decsent so of course Latin style is a given, But I've always said if I could come back in another life just for my paletes sake I'd have been born of Italian/French/Greek origin just to have grown up on such fine fare. If you actually read this well thank you and look forward to this new adventur in Fine Dining with you all!