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Menlo Park, California

casual diner (0 reviews)

Member since: Dec 12 2011

Occupation: Behavior Therapist, Entrepreneur

About Ayesa
I love cooking and eating great food. I usually rely on yelp reviews for my resturants choices. After a recent visist to a 3 1/2 star location which in reality was a 1 star, I decided to take the initiative and become my own food critic. I have tried a wide variety of food and know a great meal when I taste it. I believe that restuarnts benefit greatly by a good review because as an owner you want your customers to leave not only content but 100% satisfied. Word of mouth can really damage a business, so you want to create a great experience everytime. Before I post a review publicaly, I first notify the owner of my concerns as a customer. Why would you settle for a 2 star rating when a few small changes can make you a 4 star. If the owner is unwilling to accept his own mistakes then I make public notice. As a consumer the last thing I want is to pay top dollar for 2 star meal.